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The Stanced Diverter is a ta build that's mainly focusing on one thing: countering hex pressures. Since most of the teams are hex teams, this build is a big counter against it, using the monk elite Divert Hexes. Therefore, this monk has a good survivablity and healing power even without using it's elite against for example pressure builds. This build isn't an easy build, it's not recommended for players who are new in monking since it's energy managmenent isn't very good.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build name="ta diverter" prof=monk/warri protec=11+1+2 divine=9+1 healin=8+1 tactic=8][reversal of fortune][dismiss condition][shielding hands][guardian][divert hexes][signet of devotion][gift of health][disciplined stance][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Replace Shielding Hands with Shield of Absorption.
  • Replace Disceplined Stance with Frenzied Defence. You must also switch Spirit Bond with Protective Spirit then.
  • Drop Dismiss Condition and Shielding Hands and take Mend/Draw Condition and Mending Touch for protection against daze.


  • Survivor Insignia
  • Low Energy/Shield set; A PvP Spear of Fortitude(-5 energy) with a shield(take 9 shields, all with +10 vs element set and a -20% daze set, +30 health)
  • Mid Energy/Offhand set; A PvP Spear of Fortitude(+5 energy) with a Protective Icon(20/20 casting, +30 health)
  • High Energy/Offhand set; A PvP Spear of Fortitude(+5 energy) with a Protective icon(+15 energy, +30 health).
  • Fast Cast Staff set: A Adept PvP Staff of Fortitude(20/20 casting) for wanding and anti-interupts.


  • Use Reversal of Fortune for a migriting heal, for example, against the high damage of a dervish or against a spike.
  • Use Dismiss Condition to remove harmfull conditions(blind, uncovered daze, ect.)
  • Use Shielding Hands to counter stacking damage(for example, 2 thumpers that keep bashing on a target).
  • Use Spirit Bond to catch spikes(in the arena's mainly adrenaline or sin spikes).
  • Use Divert Hexes to remove harmfull hexes and heal against degen.
  • Use Gift of Health for a unconditional heal.
  • Use Disciplined Stance to protect yourself from harm, against sin spikes or adrenaline spikes for example.


  • Covered Daze. Once it's on you it will be too hard removing it if you don't run mending touch.
  • Signet of Humility with a hex pressure(note, this is usually the case). If you got any interupts you must scream to get it interupted, or you're be lying on the ground quite fast.
  • Diversion/Shame.


  • This build isn't recommended for ra, but you can try it sometimes. The thing that this build is ta-only, is that it's good against hexways, which are very common in ta, and totally not in ra.
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